LSST Solar System Membership Application

Application Process and Eligibility Criteria 

This form can be used to indicate interest in joining the LSST Solar System Science Collaboration. Our current guidelines on membership are focused on building community involvement. Members can be active or inactive; "active" members will be contributing toward the collaboration and will have voting rights, authorship rights on joint collaboration papers, etc. More details on collaboration membership can be found on the dedicated SSSC website.

Please indicate your interest in the LSST-SSSC and how you plan to contribute to the collaboration, including a rough estimate of the level of effort involved,

Additionally, all SSSC members are expected to abide by the SSSC Code of Conduct, Publication Policy and the Charter. Please read the Code of Conduct, Publication Policy, and Charter before applying for SSSC membership.

What is your interest in joining the LSST-SSSC, and what scientific projects do you wish to contribute?